About Us

Property Wave Investments

Firstly, we never pass or show an investment we’re not investing in ourselves or wouldn’t invest in. Based in Bournemouth we look to get strong returns and long term capital growth by looking further north for our investments.

Hi! I’m Nic, the man behind Property Wave Investments.

I’ve been building my own investment portfolio; looking for great opportunities that will help me achieve my goals.  In doing this, I’ve built great partnerships with award winning developers allowing me preferential access to their developments with impressive discounts, I work hard to get great deals before passing any investment on.

We thoroughly analyse each opportunity; looking in depth at the fundamentals and numbers before investing ourselves, or passing them on to our clients. Once you decide to invest, we work with all parties to ensure the investment completes as smoothly as possible.



Finding investment opportunities that build you a premium investment portfolio. We’re picky about what we show our clients and would never pass on an investment opportunity that we wouldn’t invest our own money in. And we are actively investing and building our own portfolio now. It’s very likely we may end up landlord neighbours.


Delivering a professional, open and honest service. Property can at times be a choppy ride and we do everything to make the journey as smooth as possible. We liaise with all parties to ensure your investment journey is as smooth as possible.


Property investing is a long term game, building wealth over time. We’re in it for the long term with you. Our investment opportunities are aimed at being sustainable in the market, allowing you to build a premium portfolio that you’ll be proud of and help you to achieve your goals.


Learning and keeping up to date with the relevant news and updates is important and we recognise that, we aim to keep you informed on the main topics through our website and social media platforms.


Investing and learning is fun. We host regular networking events, mastermind groups and other ways for you to meet other investors, to network and to learn.


Fancy talking some more, or maybe you’d like to meet up to get to know each other better, we love to do that. Face to face or over the phone, just get in touch.