Established in 2012, we are a property investment company that sources a wide range of property for people looking for income producing hassle free investments.

We are approachable and informed. Unlike many other property investment companies, we love sharing our expert knowledge to help you take empowering decisions with confidence and ease. We have a wealth of information to share, whether you’re a first time investor or a property connoisseur.

At Property Wave we have an extensive portfolio of property opportunities and well‐researched investments that provide you with the safety and protection you need to reach your lifestyle and financial goals.

Property Wave are truly passionate about property investing and helping clients realise their goals. Our brand is not about a one-time sale. We are focused on long term success for clients and partners.


What sets us apart from other UK property investment companies is that we happily share the knowledge we have acquired as property investment consultants to help investors make an informed decision.

Clients have found us to be communicative, reliable, trustworthy and tenacious in fighting for their interests. We know investors are usually busy, hardworking individuals so we listen to their requirements and only send them information on the investments that are most relevant to what they want to achieve.

Often, our clients are trying to invest in property to assure another income stream as they enter retirement. A dwindling pension income and the low interest rates that banks are offering means that individuals are not as financially comfortable as they once were. Investing in property affords individuals the opportunity to supplement their income, alleviating some financial stress they may face – if they invest wisely. That is where Property Wave Investment can help. We obtain the best investment opportunities and support clients throughout the whole process, ensuring a smooth experience.

We make an effort to reassure nervous first-time investors who are interested in investing but want reassurance beforehand, that they are not investing in something that they could lose money on. Property Wave Investments are extremely helpful in answering the many questions you may have to be reassured that you are not making a serious mistake.

We also source property for institutional investors and high net worth individuals. Our long-term relationships with credible developers have been a key driver in creating joint venture opportunities that come to fruition.

Our clients happily recommend our services, and much of our new business and clients come from referrals. You can read our case studies which give you an in-depth insight into what our clients can expect from an investment.


We place a huge emphasis on property sourcing the highest quality stock in areas which have excellent fundamentals for capital growth.

Sourcing property is a time-consuming activity that requires a rigorous due diligence process to ensure that the very best outcomes are achieved for our clients. Property Wave Investments drive the length and breadth of the country to visit each of the off-plan property developments or below market value (BMV) property purchases that we present to our clients.

We realise that our investors are looking for investments that provide a good return on investment and capital protection. However, it even more important that our clients do not experience capital losses with developments that do not take place. No one wants to see their hard earned cash wasted on poor investments.

When we choose to work with a new developer; we conduct a background check on the company directors and track record of the business by making use of Companies House records and National Federation of builders to see if they have any defaults or negative feedback.

Once the developer has passed the first stage of our property sourcing process, we will arrange a visit to the site location. It is vital that we visit each project site in order to understand if it is the type of property or investment that we would be comfortable recommending to our prospective clients. Upon the site visit, we meet with the project management team and major contractors to establish if the timelines that the developer has mentioned can be implemented according to plan and budget.

We do not move ahead with the marketing of any project where we do not have a good feeling about the development team or the suitability of the investment.

If you are considering buying an investment property, it starts with a conversation. If we understand what you are looking for we are in a better position to help you achieve your goals and save you time by recommending the most suitable property.

If you would like to experience working with a trusted investment company, register your interest today for a no-obligation consultation.