To diversify or stick with what we know?

As we move forward into the new year, as always we have been reviewing our goals; how did we do last year and what do we want to achieve this year?   One thing that has been weighing on our minds as we start to think about...

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Where are the buy-to-let hotspots 2018?

Thinking about your goals for 2018?  We are too, and as always we want to do our homework and find the areas that will give us the best returns.  See what The Telegraph thinks for starters HERE. Investors based in the South who are looking further...

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Buy-to-let lenders relax mortgage rules for landlords

Good news for us BTL investors; lenders easing up on their criteria.  A good sign seeing as the last couple have years have seen less positive news stories for property investors.  This is especially good news for basic rate taxpayers. Have a read here, what...

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