• 10% discount secured
• Prices from £190,000
• Yields from £6.5%

This was an off market opportunity Nic brought to us. The development was in a great area of manchester and enabled us to invest in a booming part of the country. We are based in the south so Nic arranged trips to the site to meet the developer and see our property which was a great experience. This investment will give us good capital growth as well and strong returns now. Manchester is a hot topic for investment and Nic helped secure an investment early in this cycle and will confidently stand the test of time. This is the fourth investment with Nic and Property Wave!
Andy - June 2018


• Investor discount secured
• Prices from £105,000
• Yields from £7%

Sheffield is a great place to invest with the future plans for development and infrastructure over the coming years. We are so pleased with this high-end development that is well suited for professionals, the location is perfect. Rents have actually been higher than we first expected which is great for our monthly cash flow and profits. This investment is a solid investment for us and fits well within our goals and long-term strategy that Property Wave helped us with.
Carly - April 2018


• 10% discount secured
• Prices from £85,000
• Yields from £6.8%

We had been looking to invest in this area of Greater Manchester and Stockport ticked that box for us. This was a purchase to give us diversity in our pension portfolio and bolster our passive income as we approach retirement. The purchase was straightforward and even had a tenant lined up ready for when we completed the purchase. We have been very pleased with this investment from Property Wave.
Sue and Pete - May 2017


• 15% discount secured
• Prices from £100,000
• Yields from £6.4%

We had some inheritance money that we wanted to put to better use than just leaving it in the bank. Our daughter was also just starting uni and we wanted to help subsidise that cost as well as thinking about our future. We had always been interested in property but had never bought a buy to let before. We started looking locally in Bath for holiday rentals but just couldn't find the right thing for us. After speaking to Nic and seeing the type of properties he invests in, we discussed our goals and plans. We were quite anxious about investing as it is a big commitment but Nic gave us the confidence and talked us through the process. When we took the big leap Nic was there to help us right through the purchase making sure we understood everything, and all the different parties were doing what they needed to. We are pleased we have completed our first investment and we are hoping to invest again in the near future.
David - January 2017